Rules and Regulations

Important information & Rules and regulations

Ever since establishing Krishna Valley we have been striving to introduce and promote our environmentally conscious lifestyle that is based on the traditions of the ancient Indian culture. Below you will find a list of information that will help you enjoy yourself and feel at home during the time you spend with us.

Rules and Regulations

The residents of Krishna Valley lead a simple life and in harmony with nature. We do encourage you to follow their example and would like to ask you to pay attention to the following during your visit:

•Please restrain from smoking, consuming alcohol and other intoxicants. 

It is forbidden to bring in or consume any products that contain meat, fish or eggs in Krishna Valley. 

•Please take into consideration the local customs concerning clothing. It is required to sufficiently cover the body parts according to our religious and moral standards. In Krishna Valley ladies do not wear low-cut garments or mini-skirts. Should the need arise, we can provide ladies with skirts and shawls for visiting the shrine inside the temple. Gentlemen are also required to sufficiently cover their upper bodies. 

Dogs and other pets are not allowed into Krishna Valley as we are putting a lot of effort into preserving the natural environment, habitats and reintroducing wildlife. You can leave your beloved pet-friend at the reception area where they can wait for your return. They will be attended and provided with water.

In order not to disturb our residents, please do not stray into the residential areas. Signposts will mark all such areas throughout the Valley.

•The shrine inside the main building may be visited by the hourly guided tours.

•Please do not enter the temple with your shoes on! We provide slippers for visitors which you will find next to the main entrance door.

• Parking is free of charge.